The Mediated Urban – Our Idea

Now you know who we are, two girls who study humangeography, who like to go out meet friends and enjoy city live. In this blog we would like to talk with you about a big topic of our studies – the urban, media and urban society. Who doesn’t want to know what is happening around you, how things are connected and what is changing?

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Hervorgehobener Beitrag

Smart Cities – Is it all that Smart?

Smart Cities, the term explains itself almost by itself. The city is being optimized, cleverly and creatively, to get the best out of the city. And how could this work best today? Right, with technology! A solution that is used for many things today, the technology makes us better, the technology makes us smart. In a smart city, various areas are optimized or mediatized, particularly the infrastructure. But we wouldn’t be geographers if we didn’t look at the whole phenomenon from different perspectives and question it.

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Geotagged Photographs as Travel Recommodations for Urban Tourism

Traveling became an important element of people’s life recently. Tourism industry grew enormously, to be more exact: It grew by 6% from 2017 to 2019. Until 2030 the World Tourism Organisation predicts a growth up to 1,8 billion tourists per year. Especially, a passion for city tourism and short trips evolved these days. Meanwhile photography rose to an unreplaceable practised pinned to travelling. Heaps of photographs are taken by tourists while they are visiting travel destination just as cities for example.

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Themes of the Mediated Urban

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Protest Organization and the Influence of Media

Today’s fast telecommunication changed the way we overcome distances. For that, we regularly use our cellphones, computers and another unreplaceable item is the internet. The societal organization today wouldn’t be like we know it if the internet would not have been there. Not only our communication changed, a change in the spatial organization was accompanied. “Protest Organization and the Influence of Media” provide two examples how media can change, alter and transform places and spaces. 

Do you remember the “Tahrir moment”?

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Urban Gardens as Claims for the Right to the City

The right to the city. Who hasn’t heard about it? And if you don’t, you’ll know it after reading this.

In the past decade, it’s an often claimed right by citizens. A right which can be related to many different social themes citizen care about. Prizes for houses, rents for flats or the commodification of public space are just some examples. People, who want to make a differences, gather in different groupings. They like to change the tendency of how urban space developed recently. The way how space can be reorganized by the movement „Right to the City“ and the accompanied activities worth a deeper look. Urban Gardening serves as an interesting example in the following.

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Tracing Graffiti in Lisbon

In 2016 I was living in Lisbon for a couple of months. As I explored the city during that time the quote „Fui crime, serai poesia“ (It was crime, i’ll be poetry) was catching my attention. Studying geography with a focus on city development at that time, I absolutely wanted to find out what that quote was all about.

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Gamification – It’s all a Game?

Since humans exist, they are playing. Animals play, some playing more, some less. In nature and earlier times humans and animals played to learn something. A game was a playful way of learning. Taking the example of hide and seek where our hearing senses get trained, play catching to learn something for the hunt. It is proved that people can learn through games and change their behaviour. Johan Huizinga wrote in his book “Homo ludens: Vom Ursprung der Kultur als Spiel” (translated: From the Origin of Culture as a Game)the game is a characteristic feature of humans. Progress can only be achieved through play. Progress thrives on leaving the normal world behind and trying something new. A competition,  the desire to win and the desire to overcome difficulties, supports the joy of playing. This pleasure in the game is also essential when it comes to entrepreneurial innovations. Innovation happens according to the rules of the game: it is the fun of the new, the playful handling of reality, the competition and the will to try something out.

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Digital Screens – Where does this lead us?

Everyone knows them and everyone has to look at them. An automatic glance at the large flashing digital wall is something everyone is likely to throw their eyes at. Today driving at a highway, means driving through an alley of advertisement, digital screen and poster high up or directly at eye level. Digital screens are now hard to imagine without, but that was once different. Digital Screen display a range of things – from the verbal recommendation of products, to advertisements in newspapers, to the vacuum cleaner salesman at the front door, to the large billboards. Digitalization has not stopped at the billboards either, but transformed them into digital screens that display videos or other moving images which are always up to date. We usually find these digital advertising screens in urban space. Placing them at croweded squares extent their goal to reach a broad mass

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